Research of the surnames Wischkony, Wiszkon, Wyschkon, Wyszkoń, Wyszkoni …

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Genealogy of the surnames
Wischkon, Wischkoni, Wischkony, Wishkony, Wiskon, Wiskoni, Wiskony, Wisskon, Wisskoni, Wisskony, Wiszkon, Wiszkoni, Wiszkony, Wuschkon, Wyschckony, Wyschkon, Wyschkoni, Wyschkony, Wyszkon, Wyszkoń, Wyszkoni, Wyszkony, Вишкон, Вишконъ

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Research Project

The goal is to find the meaning of the surname Wischkony. The way is the determination of place and time of its origin. Therefore all people with one of those names living or mentioned somewhere are tracked back generation by generation. According to current knowledge:

A sketch of the project and first results were presented at the annual meeting 2008 of the Silesian Genealogical Society on the occasion of the 900-year jubilee of the city of Racibórz.

This website is listed in the 1000-eyes-project of Familia Austria.


Today W.-families live in many places of the world. Some of them draw a colorful panorama of interesting und engaged people with their websites. Most of this area is reserved to the W.-families and accessible only after registration. There all the W.-clans can get in touch, browse family trees and more.

Regional sources and contacts

Until mid of the 19th century the W. surnames appear almost exclusively within the old Archipresbyterat Ratibor, as described by Augustin Weltzel in the two editions of his book Die Geschichte des Ratiborer Archipresbyterats.

The listing and publication of some regional sources serves the networking with other genealogists with interests in this region.

Current questions

Some biographies are not clear enough. Does somebody out there know more?

  1. Are there any descendants of Karl Wischkony, who immigrated into the USA via Castle Garden, New York in 1886? He is presumably the same person as Carl Wischkony who arrives in Ellis Island, New York in 1909 with the ship „President Grant“ coming from Cuxhaven. At that time he was 54 years old, so probably born 1854 or 1855 and has already claimed American Citizenship. As place of birth he gives Baborów / Bauerwitz and as destination Oregon. Therefore he is probably also the same person as Carl Wischkony, who is registered in King County, Washington at the 1920 and 1930 censuses.
  2. Are there descendants of Gustav Wischkony, who immigrated via Castle Garden, New York into the USA in 1888, aged 31? This means he is born 1856 or 1857. He is presumably the same who in 1909 lands at Ellis Island, New York together with the Carl Wischkony mentioned above on the ship „President Grant“ coming from Cuxhaven. He was an American citizen at that time already.

Eager to read your questions and comments Kay Wischkony

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